falling for your back-up plan

I started out 2018 with a lot of positivity. Too much positivity, maybe, when I promised that I would post two times a week and then spent Tuesday afternoon through Saturday afternoon struggling to find both motivation or inspiration. I’ve been thinking all day today “am I really not going to post the FIRST Saturday of the year after I just said I would post … Continue reading falling for your back-up plan

things that are always better when you’re single

Being in a relationship is great. Being single is great. There are somethings that are better when you’re in a relationship – i.e. just about anything that has to do with fall – but there are somethings that are just better when you’re single. sleeping. I feel like this one is so obvious I almost didn’t want to include it. Cuddling is really great, don’t … Continue reading things that are always better when you’re single

from being ghosted to being haunted

Why are there so many new terms that go along with dating? When I try to explain to adults (yes I know I’m an adult but I’m not a real adult) what “talking” is, I feel like I’m trying to explain what the color yellow looks like to someone who cannot see. Adults always say “so it’s like you’re dating?” and I’m like “NO!! WE’RE NOT … Continue reading from being ghosted to being haunted

why do we always want what we can’t have

Does anyone else seem to have a problem of always wanting the completely unavailable guy? It seems every time I having feelings for someone, it’s someone who is caught up on his ex girlfriend, potentially taking a job offer in a different location, in a relationship with someone else, and overall completely unavailable to me. My first instinct is to always blame this on the … Continue reading why do we always want what we can’t have

21st century dating

Growing up, I can remember both of my parents telling me stories about the dates they would go on, both with each other and with other boyfriends/girlfriends prior to their meeting. Dating sounded like it was something fun and enjoyable because there were so many activities associated with it, and my parents seemed to have fond memories of it. Casual dating did not even mean … Continue reading 21st century dating