good pizza, good beer, good sex

When you call to order a pizza, where do you call? We all have bad or average places around us, but we always call the place that we think has the BEST pizza. It may not be our friends’ favorites and even our family members may disagree but we think it’s the best pizza around so that’s where we order from.

When you’re out grocery shopping and decide to pick up a case of beer to take home, what do you buy? Or even when you’re at the bar – you’re not going to order the beer that you just think is okay, right? I mean your friends might think Bud Light is the WORST but it’s what you like, so you order it, right?

I’m sure there are some of you reading that don’t relate to this and might be easily persuaded by friends or family to order their favorite pizza or their favorite beer but for the most part we aren’t all willing to spend our money on things we find average.

I believe we should treat relationships and sex with the same mindset. Why invest time in a relationship you think is just average? If you don’t get butterflies when you see him for the first time after not seeing him for a few days, or if you don’t get excited to tell him about your good news – what are you doing?!?!?!?! Life is just simply too short!

Realistically – pizza, beer, and sex, are all things that are good even when they aren’t AMAZING but why are we settling for things that are just okay? Even at 26 I feel like if I’m not having mind blowing sex I don’t even want to be having it because WHHHHHYY?! There are other people out there who are worth my time!

Settling is easy. We all do it at times. It’s easier to not have the argument with your dad when you’re ordering pizza for a family party. It’s easier to tell your friend to order you whatever they are getting instead of speaking up about your drink preference. And it’s easier to not have to have the awkward conversation about how they are just not pleasing you in bed. But eventually settling is going to bring you down. Especially when you’re 50 years old and you’re married to the same guy who has no idea that your sex life is B O R I N G!

Never settle for anything less than good pizza, good beer, and good sex – you really can have it all.

With love from my city to yours,

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