moving locations and moving friends

It is very difficult to continuously move and stay in touch with friends.  Friends are so important to have.  But friends can also be hard to keep with constant changes and the distance in between.

Since high school, I have been settling in or moving out of a state.  When I graduated high school, I was able to keep some friends of mine when I left New Jersey and moved to Pennsylvania for school.  This dwindled down and I have two left at this point in my life.

In college I was in a sorority and had lots of friends.  We graduated and lost touch a bit, and then a lot of us were able to re-connect when I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey.  It was so close to the city and I had lots of friends from college in the NYC area.  But that has dwindled down significantly as well.

Once I got into a serious relationship, my priorities and focus shifted away from partying with friends out in the city and more on growing my relationship.  I think that this is what happens in life.  People are always walking different paths and different times and sometimes the paths align and other times they part ways.  In this case, my path had changed and I was following down a different path which was to marriage.


A lot of friends get upset when one friend enters a serious relationship and focuses all of their time on it.  This is difficult to grasp when you aren’t currently in a serious relationship, because it feels as if your friend had neglected you.  This had put a strain on many of my relationships.

Moving through Baltimore and Providence, my husband and I have met friends from work, neighbors, and re-connected with friends from college who lived in the same city.  It is always a great feeling to have friends around and get to connect with people.  Through all of our moving, it is sometimes difficult to keep in touch.  We go back and fourth with some people on facebook or text messages, but it is really tough when you don’t get to actually hang out with friends.  It is also hard when you are a plane ride away.

Finances are another reason that maintaining long distance friendships are hard.  One person has to do the traveling.  And this wouldn’t be so bad if it was a short car ride, but mostly it involves getting on a plane.  This can be difficult based on work schedules, time, and money.


I am also at the age in life where many couples are having babies, which is wonderful!  My husband and I are just taking our time and enjoying each other right now.  But babies take up a ton of time and focus and it is challenging to stay in touch and see friends with babies because their schedule is jam packed child care can be an issue.


With love from my city to yours,

About the guest blogger:

My name is Brittany and I am a wife, a traveling teacher, and a neurotic organizer.  I enjoy traveling and experiencing visiting and living in new places.  Since my husband and I relocate for his job so often, I have lots of experience stretching a dollar and getting my new place decorated and organized after each move.  I am also a bit of a yogi-I enjoy eating organically and practicing yoga.  Please visit my blog @

2 thoughts on “moving locations and moving friends

  1. This is so true! I always find it so difficult to make and keep in touch with friends, I feel so tired and sleepy so much of the time I feel guilty for taking more time to respond to texts and messages >< I wish I lived nearer to friends so I could see them in person! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’d love to invite you to come and win a lovely bundle of Disney goodies and I’m following back on bloglovin too :D)


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