cleaning out my closet and decluttering my life

These past couple weeks I’ve been going through my closet getting rid of so many clothes, accessories, and shoes, that I have been holding on to for far too long. I always convince myself that I will definitely wear a shirt again or I think what if I need that dress after I’ve gotten rid of it? But too often I never wear the shirt and I never need the dress. I’ve been trying to be a lot better about going through my clothes and parting ways with the stuff I know I’m never going to touch again.

Whenever I clean out my closet I feel like I am also giving myself an opportunity to start new. With the extra space in my closet I’m able to buy some new shirts that I might actually wear instead of having my closet stuffed full of stuff I won’t ever utilize again.

This morning while I was cleaning I was thinking about how relevant this is to my life as well. We all have people in our life that are our “shirt we won’t ever wear but can’t get rid of.” This might be a guy, a family member, a friend – but why can’t we let these people go? It probably depends on the relationship we have with them. For me, there are definitely some guys I’ve had a brief fling with in the past that I know it’s never going to develop into anything more but if I reach out to them we might have a conversation for a little bit to catch up or whatever the case may be.

We like what these people remind us of or how they make us feel – but we don’t actually need to keep them around.

This time, I’m not only cleaning out my closet but I’m decluttering my life. I’m letting go of the people who I know are just keeping me in their closet just in case they need me, as well. With the extra space in my life I’ll be able to let in new people that I will actually be able to develop a relationship or friendship with.

Now if anyone has any tips on how to not even purchase stuff I might not even wear – please help!


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