things that are always better when you’re single

Being in a relationship is great. Being single is great. There are somethings that are better when you’re in a relationship – i.e. just about anything that has to do with fall – but there are somethings that are just better when you’re single.

I feel like this one is so obvious I almost didn’t want to include it. Cuddling is really great, don’t get me wrong – but how great is it when you can lay across your entire bed?! Or even better, getting to cocoon yourself in your blankets like a caterpillar and not have to worry about someone complaining that their feet aren’t covered or that you’re hogging the blankets? Most importantly there is no fear of suffocating yourself because you are burying your head in the blankets and pillows to avoid having to hear the sound of your boyfriend snoring. I’m sorry but there might not be a single thing on earth better than getting to sleep in a big bed by yourself.

going out.
It is nice to go out when you’re in a relationship because you don’t have to be on a mission at the bar to find a cute guy to buy you drinks. However, how great is it to be able to go out and dance with your friends and get obliterated without having to worry about what your boyfriend thinks? Everyone says part of the fun of being single is getting to have crazy nights that get discussed over a hungover-half sober brunch in the morning.

getting ready.
For literally anything. Men think women are mystical creatures that always have gold/bronze eyelids and can get ready for anything quickly. It would always blow my mind how after I was with the same guy for 4 ½ years he would still act so surprised when I wasn’t ready on time. Sorry guys but it is waaaaaaay easier for you to get ready to go someplace compared to us females! However, when you’re single you’re normally getting ready with your girl friends who take just as long as you to get ready so they get it.

I love cooking. I’ll cook for one person. I’ll cook for 100 people. I love it. But the downside to cooking is when you spend a lot of time prepping and cooking the meal for it to be gone extremely quickly. Normally in significantly less time than it took for you to cook the meal. When you cook for yourself this normally doesn’t happen and you normally end up with leftovers! Plus you can cook anything you want and not have to worry about a picky-eater-boyfriend who doesn’t like that you put ________ in your spaghetti sauce.

watching tv.
Of course watching tv when you’re single means that there might not be cuddling involved, but how great is it to watch what you want to watch all. the. time.?!?!?! Also, has anyone ever noticed that guys never watch commercials? I don’t know if I’ve ever watched tv with a guy who doesn’t change the channel during commercials to watch something different. Not that I particularly like commercials – who does?!?! – but I also don’t want to watch multiple shows at once just so I don’t have to sit through the commercials.

having a pet.
ALL. THE. PUPPY. SNUGS. need I say more?


For those of you who are in a relationship, what are your “things that are always better when you’re in a relationship”? I’d love to hear!

From my city to yours,
xo steph

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