my relationship with food

I originally did not have the intention of this blog being focused on relationships. I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a few years and I’ve read through hundreds of blogs about fitness, cooking, DIY, etc. I decided to start this blog to basically vent about the good and bad things I encounter as a young adult and interact with people who can relate. With my last two posts being solely about relationships, this could potentially turn into a blog focused on relationships, who knows. But it is hard to not talk about the good and bad things about dating when it’s all anyone around me is talking about, in all fairness!

Today is my first day of my new training program – including both a meal plan and a workout plan – and I thought it was a great opportunity to discuss another love/hate relationship I have, my relationship with food.

I’m sure we can all agree that food is really great. Who doesn’t love to curl up on the couch to watch a movie with a salty snack (popcorn is my personal fav), or come home after a stressful day and eat a bowl of ice cream? I’m sure most people can relate! But I am also someone who LOVES a good salad, a good bowl of mixed fruit, and most importantly, avocado toast. We all know it’s all about balance but how many of us are really successful at balancing eating healthy vs. eating bad? (If you are please teach me your ways asap!!!)

The problem really comes when I’m having more than one bad day and I spend more than one day at home with ice cream and not going to the gym. It is so hard to pull yourself out of a rut both mentally and physically to get yourself back on track, and the psychological damage that eating bad does when you are supposed to be eating healthy turns to “well I already messed up today so might as well wait to start again till Monday!”

On the flip side, I have done extremely well in the past with counting calories. It’s easy because if you save extra calories for a treat, you can eat whatever you want as long as you still stay within your calorie goal. This worked great for me until I tried to start living a normal life style without counting calories and I could not figure out how to eat balanced again. Tracking calories and making sure everything fit within my calorie goal became such an obsession it was like I didn’t know how to live without it.

Fast forward a few years and here I am. I’ve yo-yo dieted for too long. I’ve tried counting calories, I’ve tried Weight Watchers, I’ve convinced myself I can manage to diet and work out without any assistance.. all the way to today when I’ve hired a personal trainer who will hopefully be kicking my ass back into shape!

My new training plan falls under the category of “If it Fits in Your Macros” (iifym). For those of you who are unfamiliar with this type of plan, I have a prescribed amount of macros (carbs, protein, and fat) I can eat each day and I can eat ANYTHING I want as long as I meet those goals. Of course the idea is to eat lean proteins, low fats, and whole grain carbs, but if I am able to leave room for a bowl of ice cream or a slice of pizza, I can have it as long as it fits in my macros. Additionally, my trainer has given me a full workout plan that includes cardio and weight lifting. The overall goal of this plan is to lose fat, gain muscle, and create a healthy relationship with food. While I guess I am considering this a diet – it’s really not one since there are no restrictions of what food can be eaten, which leads to less chance of failure.

I hope that everyone is willing to follow me on this journey because I am so excited to hear what everyone else has tried and what has/has not worked for them. If anyone has tried iifym and has any input let me know! Additionally, if anyone has good recipes for me to try (even if they aren’t iifym friendly) please send them my way! I am thinking of including some of these recipes in upcoming blog posts so let me know what you’d like to see.

With love from my city to yours,
xo Steph

3 thoughts on “my relationship with food

  1. Hey Steph! Food so good yet sometimes so bad, totally relate. I’ve tried a lot if different including iifym. I’ve experienced great results while on it. As long as you don’t get too carried away with the eat anything part and fill most of macros with healthy food it’s great 🙂

    Good luck on your new regime!

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