why do we always want what we can’t have

Does anyone else seem to have a problem of always wanting the completely unavailable guy? It seems every time I having feelings for someone, it’s someone who is caught up on his ex girlfriend, potentially taking a job offer in a different location, in a relationship with someone else, and overall completely unavailable to me. My first instinct is to always blame this on the guy, of course. Why would you express any type of interest in someone that you cannot reciprocate the feelings for or that you are not willing to get into a relationship with? Well, because they are guys of course. But it’s not fair to assume they are all fuckboys, right?

So it makes me think – am I part of the problem? Is there something too exciting about chasing after what I know I can’t have that keeps my attention? If these guys threw a huge plot twist and liked me back – would I still be interested? Who knows but it’s an interesting thought.

Part of the reason I think we always want what we can’t have is because it means we don’t have to commit to it either. It gets tiring investing time and feelings into someone who turns out to be unavailable, but you don’t have to be available to them either. Take a step back and think: how many of these guy have you chased after while you probably weren’t ready to be in a relationship with them anyway, had they asked?

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? I’d love to hear!

With love from my city to yours,
xo Steph

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