21st century dating

Growing up, I can remember both of my parents telling me stories about the dates they would go on, both with each other and with other boyfriends/girlfriends prior to their meeting. Dating sounded like it was something fun and enjoyable because there were so many activities associated with it, and my parents seemed to have fond memories of it. Casual dating did not even mean you were having sex with each other, rather that you just were not assuming you were going to spend the rest of your life with each other – what a concept!

Fast forward twentysomething years and I feel like I’m living a nightmare trying to navigate the dating world. My generation is very afraid to have feelings – constantly making sure to note they are “just looking to see where life takes me” or some other confusing and misguiding translation of the idea that they would like to hookup and maaayyybbbeee would like something more, someday. However, if you ever try to DTR (define the relationship) know that they did, in fact, tell you they weren’t sure what they wanted!

Why is 21st century dating culture like this?!

I am honestly an independent woman, who truly does not believe a man is needed but rather, a boyfriend/fiance/husband is nice to have. HOWEVER – collectively as females we need to stop being willing to act like we don’t care about feelings either and we are content with “seeing where things go” because none of us want to be “that psycho girl” who expressed her feelings about something. First of all, if we are all “that psycho girl” then none of us are actually psycho! lol. But really, we all need to stop settling because most of us still do want and expect more. So tell the guy you like, that you like him!! IT’S OKAY TO HAVE FEELINGS! What do any of us really have to lose?!

It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

With love from my city to yours,
xo Steph


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